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Dodgeball & Hopscotch Game Set

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Quick Overview

This is one complete Sporthole Games set featuring Dodgeball & Hopscotch. Includes the Game-Base for all our games & all accessories to play. Each Game-Base holds our unique two-sided & interchangeable Gameboards. Add extra sports, pub & kids games to complete your collection!

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Dodgeball remains one of recess's favorite games. So gather up a few kids and let the fun begin!

Hopscotch plays just about anywhere—just like all Sporthole Games. Here's a chance to have fun and practice math at the same time!

Each Sporthole game set consists of:

  • One Sporthole Game-Base (24" x 36")
  • One two-sided and interchangeable Sporthole Gameboard of your choice (fits inside the Game-Base)
  • You may add extra Gameboards at time of game set purchase
  • True-to-the-game custom Gameboard layouts
  • 8 bean bags (2 colors)
  • Laminated scorecard for each Gameboard purchased
  • Dry erase marker
  • Drawstring backpack for accessories
  • 25 pound shipping weight (approximate, for 1 Gameboard)

Patent Pending

complete sporthole game set

Play Dodgeball

Play two ways

Sporthole Games Dodgeball Game Board


  • You get 4 throws per turn.
  • Once you have made a bag into the blue square, yellow triangle, and red circle you have earned a tally.
  • If a bag goes into the green rectangle, you lose your turn.
  • First player to three tallies wins!

Match Play

  • You get 4 throws per round.
  • Throw your bags in the holes to earn points per round. (Subtract 1 point for each bag that goes into the green rectangle.)
  • At the end of five rounds the player with the most points wins!


Play Hopscotch

Play three ways

Sporthole Games Hopscotch Game Board

Go in Order

  • You get 4 throws per turn.
  • You must go in order from the square to the triangle to the rectangle to the circle.
  • If you go out of order those points don't count.
  • Add up your points per turn.
  • Add up all your turns to see who has the most points per game.

Go for any Hole

  • You get 4 throws per turn.
  • Throw for any hole you wish.
  • Add up your points per turn.
  • Add up all your turns to see who has the most points per game.

Avoid the Hole

  • You get 4 throws per turn.
  • Throw at any numbered box to get those points.
  • The bag must remain on the board to score points.
  • If a bag goes through a hole, you get no points for that toss.
  • If your bag is on two different numbered boxes at the same time you get the higher points.
  • Add up all your turns to see who has the most points per game.

*       Square = 2 points
*       Triangle = 4 points
*       Rectangle = 7 points
*       Circle = 10 points


pdf iconPrint the Sporthole Dodgeball & Hopscotch scorecards (2 to a sheet, 8½" x 11", double-sided).
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