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Baseball & Basketball Game Set

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Quick Overview

This is one complete Sporthole Games set featuring Baseball & Basketball. Includes the Game-Base for all our games & all accessories to play. Each Game-Base holds our unique two-sided & interchangeable Gameboards. Add extra sports, pub & kids games to complete your collection!

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Baseball is known for being America’s favorite pastime. Sporthole Baseball stays true to the game we love by playing with the same run-scoring strategies. Hit it outta the park at your next backyard or tailgate party!

Basketball courts across the nation are alive with action from the Fall through the madness of Spring. Choosing to play Sporthole Basketball will be a slam dunk at your next game-watching, backyard or tailgate party.

Each Sporthole game set consists of:

  • One Sporthole Game-Base (24" x 36")
  • One two-sided and interchangeable Sporthole Gameboard of your choice (fits inside the Game-Base)
  • You may add extra Gameboards at time of game set purchase
  • True-to-the-game custom Gameboard layouts
  • 8 bean bags (2 colors)
  • Laminated scorecard for each Gameboard purchased
  • Dry erase marker
  • Drawstring backpack for accessories
  • 25 pound shipping weight (approximate, for 1 Gameboard)

Patent Pending

complete sporthole game set

Play Baseball

Suggested Rules

Sporthole Games Baseball Game Board
  • Just like real baseball, you move runners around the bases to score.
  • Throw your bag at any hole.
  • 1st base hole counts as a single; 2nd base hole counts as a double; 3rd base hole counts as a triple.
  • A single scores a runner on 2nd and 3rd. A single also moves the runner on 1st to 2nd (not 1st to 3rd).
  • A double scores a runner on 2nd and 3rd, and moves the runner on 1st to 3rd (not 1st to home).
  • A triple scores everyone on base.
  • A homerun scores everyone on base, as well as the batter.
  • Outs occur when a bag does not go through a hole. Three outs and you're done; no fourth throw.

Example turn at Bat

  • First at bat: Throw your first bag into the 2nd base hole.
  • Second at bat: Throw your second bag into the 1st base hole (scoring the runner on 2nd, and you now have a runner on 1st).
  • Third at bat: Throw your third bag into the 2nd base hole (moving the runner on 1st to 3rd, and you now have runners on 2nd and 3rd).
  • Fourth at bat (assuming you don't already have 3 outs): Throw your fourth bag into the 1st base hole (scoring both runners on 2nd and 3rd).

Total runs for the inning = 3


Play Basketball

Play any of your favorite basketball games

Sporthole Games Basketball Game Board

4 Quarters

You get 4 throws to try for as many points as possible per quarter. At the end of the 4 quarters and overtime, the most points wins.

Around the World

Be the first to go 1-2-3, 3-2-1 in order.


Make the opponents match your shot!


Fun group game! Make your bag in the basket before the person in front of you to knock them out.

Game of 21

Throw your first bag into the hole of your choosing. Once you make a shot you receive those points. Your remaining shots must go through the 1-point free-throw hole.

As for the tip-in… If your opponent has 17 points or more (at the start of their possession) and they miss, you have the opportunity to step in at that moment without having to wait for your turn. If you make it into the 3-point hole your opponent goes down to zero points.  It is now your turn to resume as normal with 4 throws.

If you exceed 21 points, you go down to 13 points.

* Foul = Player's turn over; opponent receives 2 free-throws.


pdf iconPrint the Sporthole Baseball & Basketball scorecards (2 to a sheet, 8½" x 11", double-sided).
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