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Soccer Rules & Scorecards

Suggested Rules

  • Play one-on-one or as teams.
  • Use the Sporthole scorecard or play to an agreed upon point total.
  • Each player or team can either throw all bags at once, or alternate tosses with the opponent.
  • If Player/Team A starts the game, Player/Team B ends the game.
  • Make sure to agree upon the throwing distance before starting.
  • You get 4 throws to try for as many points as possible per half/Extra Time and penalty kicks (shootout).
  • You can play where you have to throw in order from 1-3. If you make it into the 1 point hole, you then go for the 2 point hole, and so on.
  • If you miss the first hole you then have 2 options:
    1. You have to make the bag in the hole to move on. If you miss hole 1, you have to do it again, until you make it, and then you can move to hole number 2…and so on.
    2. You don’t have to make the bag in hole 1 and you can still move onto hole 2, and so on.
    3. If a bag is thrown into the BLOCKED hole, your turn is over.

Example Possession

  • First throw you make a bag into the 1 hole.
  • Second throw you make a bag into the 2 hole.
  • Third throw you miss a bag going for the 3 hole.
  • Fourth throw you make a bag into the 3 hole.

Score for this turn: 6


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pdf iconSporthole Soccer scorecards (2 to a sheet, 8½" x 11"). Print & cut these for one-use scorecards.