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Rules & Scorecards

scoring the game scorecard


Each Sporthole game is played and scored just like the real thing. Double-sided interchangeable game boards let you play your favorite sports individually or as teams. When you wanna change it up, put a different game board in the based and start playing new games!

Need a new scorecard? Get 'em here in our Accessories aisle or you can print your own by clicking on the game images below.


Baseball & Basketball

sporthole games baseball & basketball

Move the runners around the bases to score by throwing bags through the holes—just like in real baseball!


Shoot baskets for the most points while playing 21, Horse, Around the World, Knockout, or a simple 4-quarter game.


Football & Golf

sporthole games football & golf game

Gain 100 football yards on 4 throws for a TD. If you fail, go for a field goal or get your TD with a Hail Mary!


Just like on the links, shoot for the lowest score... Just don't get wet!


Soccer & Hockey

sporthole games soccer & hockey

Get the most points by the end of the soccer match or face-off in a shootout... But don't get blocked!


Get the most points by the end of the hockey tournament or face-off in a shootout... But don't get iced!


Tennis & Volleyball

sporthole games tennis & volleyball

Game, set, match! Don't go busting your racket ala John M... It's all in good fun!


Gran some sunscreen and hit the beach for a fun day of volleyball! Keep those tasty beverages handy to quench your thirst!


Racing & Hunting

sporthole games racing & hunting

Throw your bags in order, first around the track wins. The pit stop will slow you down though!


How good a shot are you? See that elk hiding in the trees? More important... do ya see that bear?!


Darts & Bowling

sporthole games darts & bowling

Even though our "darts" don't have points, you play the game just like you would with the pointy/feathery darts.


Stay outta the gutter and you'll score some points. (Hey, that might work for your love life, too!)


Shuffleboard & Cornhole

sporthole games shuffleboard & cornhole

Here's a cool twist on our games... You wanna avoid the hole! Your opponent tries to knock you in. Good times!


As a tribute to the game giant we built our games on, play run-of-the-mill cornhole. After all, some things are classic.


Dodgeball & Hopscotch

sporthole games dodgeball & hopscotch

A favorite schoolyard game, dodgeball offers opportunities to exercise physically and mentally! Add and subtract those points!


Hopscotch. Lots of ways to play this one. Use your imagination!


Zoo & Playground

sporthole games zoo & playground

Can you name that animal? Do you look like that animal? Haha... we're just messin' with ya.


Up & down, round & round, sliding into place. Have a fun time on the playground, kids!