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Basketball Rules & Scorecards

Suggested Rules

  • Play one-on-one or as teams.
  • Use the Sporthole scorecard or play to an agreed upon point total.
  • Each player or team can either throw all bags at once, or alternate tosses with the opponent.
  • If Player/Team A starts the game, Player/Team B ends the game.
  • Make sure to agree upon the throwing distance before starting.
  • You get 4 throws to try for as many points as possible per quarter (as appears on scorecard).
  • At the end of the 4 quarters and overtime, whoever has the most points wins.
  • Play to best of 3 series.

Or play the age-old game of 21...

  • Throw a bag into any hole. Then shoot up to 3 free-throws to add to your total.
  • And don't think we forgot about the "tip-in".  If your opponent is at 17 points or more before they begin their turn, you have an opportunity for a tip-in, and if done successfully, your opponents score goes down to zero.
  • You must get 21 exactly to win.  If you go over 21, you go back down to 13.

Example Game of 21

  • Throw your first bag into the hole of your choosing. If you made a 2 point shot you receive 2 points. You now have 3 shots from the free-throw line, and will score 1 point for every shot made. If you make all 4 shots you will score 5 points for this turn.
  • However, if you miss the first shot, but make the second shot into the hole of your choosing, then you only have 2 free throw attempts for 1 point each. If you miss the second shot, but make the third shot into the hole of your choosing, then you only have 1 free throw attempt, and so on.
  • As for the "tip-in"... If your opponent has 17 points or more (at the start of their possession), and they miss their first shot, you have the opportunity to step in at that moment without having to wait for your turn. If you make it into the rim (2 hole) your opponent goes down to zero points.  It is now your turn to resume as normal with 4 throws.


Scorecards & Rules

auto racing boardpdf iconSporthole Basketball scorecards (2 to a sheet, 8½" x 11"). Print & cut these for one-use scorecards.