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Auto Racing

Suggested Rules

  • First person to 5 laps wins (your choice on number of laps).
  • Throw first bag in the hole at 1st turn; second bag in the hole at 2nd turn; third bag in the hole at 3rd turn; fourth bag in the hole at 4th turn.
  • You must follow the holes in order. If you throw a bag into the 2nd turn hole before making a bag into the 1st turn hole, it counts as a wreck and your turn is over. (Be sure to keep your distance from the car in front of you!)
  • If you throw a bag into the Pit Stop hole you lose your turn and it’s now your opponent’s turn to play.
  • Once you have thrown your 4 bags, and your turn is over, your opponent then throws their bags.  When your turn is up again, you resume on the hole from your previous turn.

Just like the other Sporthole games, Auto Racing is true to the real event! (Note: using our scorecard is recommended to (ahem...) keep track of your laps.)

Example Race

Keep track of your scores per lap on the score card and at the end of 5 laps (or however many you choose), whoever completes the most laps wins.

  • 1st bag goes into the 1st  turn hole.
  • 2nd bag goes into the 2nd turn hole.
  • 3rd bag misses the 3rd turn hole.
  • 4th bag goes into the 3rd turn hole.
  • At your next turn you will be throwing for the 4th  turn hole, as the last hole you made the bag into was the 3rd turn hole.
  • Once you’ve completed all turns on a lap, put a check mark ü in the table cell of the lap you’ve completed.
  • For unfinished laps, enter the number of the turn you have completed.

Scorecards & Rules

auto racing boardpdf iconSporthole Auto Racing scorecards (2 to a sheet, 8½" x 11"). Print & cut these for one-use scorecards.