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Tennis & Volleyball Gameboard

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Quick Overview

This is a two-sided & interchangeable Gameboard featuring Tennis & Volleyball without the Game-Base or playing accessories. Gameboards fit inside our Game-Base to let you play your favorite game. Grab a two-sided board for every season!

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Tennis is all about finesse. So break out the rackets and let's volley to get started. Use our scorecard to keep track of your games, set, and match.

Volleyball on the beach is where the action is! But if you can't get to the sand play the game wherever you are—at a tailgate, in the backyard, or... at the beach!

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Play Tennis

Suggested Rules

Sporthole Games Tennis Game Board
  • Throw all four bags at the board to score points.
  • Go in order from 15 to 30 to 40 to Point.
  • If you make a bag into the Ace, it's an automatic Point.
  • In scoring, you get a point when you've either:
    • Outscored your opponent (made a higher scoring hole) , or
    • Earned a point by throwing all 4 bags consecutively into the 15, 30, 40 and Point holes or by throwing through the Ace hole.
  • If you and your opponent make it to the same scoring hole no points are awarded.
  • Play to 6 points per Set.
  • Play as many Sets as you like for a Match.


Play Volleyball

Suggested Rules

Sporthole Games Volleyball Game Board
  • Throw all four bags at the board to score points.
  • Throw in order from Bump to Set to Spike to earn a Point, or throw a bag through the Ace for a Point.
  • If you throw a bag through the Block your opponent gets a Point and it's now their turn.
  • Play to 11 points per game; win by 2.
  • Play best of 5.


pdf iconPrint the Sporthole Tennis & Volleyball scorecards (2 to a sheet, 8½" x 11", double-sided).

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