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Play Football

Suggested Rules

Sporthole Games Football Game Board
  • If your 4 throws add up to 100 yards you score a touchdown, worth 6 points.
  • Hail Mary touchdown can be attempted at anytime for an automatic touchdown!
  • Every time you gain yards, move down the field (e.g., 20 yards move forward 2 steps; 30 yards move forward 3 steps, 40 yards move forward 4 steps).
  • Extra point try comes after a touchdown. From original distance throw the bag into the extra point hole for 1 point, or go for 2-point conversion inside the Hail Mary hole.
  • If you feel you can’t make 100 yards with your 4th throw, you have the option of trying for a field goal, or a Hail Mary throw for a touchdown.
  • Safety will occur if you do not make at least one bag through a hole; your opponent is now awarded 2 points.

Example Drive

  • 1st throw you make it into the 20 yard hole. Move up 2 steps.
  • 2nd throw you make it into the 30 yard hole. Move up 3 steps.
  • 3rd throw you make it into the 20 yard hole. Move up 2 steps.
  • You’ve gained 70 yards. Now you have 2 options:
    • 4th throw can be attempted to go for the 30 yard hole to make 100 yards and a touchdown.
    • Or... 4th throw you go for the field goal.

NOTE: Step lengths need to be determined beforehand, as steps can be longer or shorter for different people.


Play Golf

Play a variety of ways

Sporthole Games Golf Game Board

Just like other Sporthole Games, Golf is true to the game too... The lowest score wins!


Throw your bags in order, from 4 to 1: drive—second shot—chip shot—putt.

  • The last hole you make a bag into is your score for that hole.
  • Out of your 4 throws, if you don’t make a bag into the first hole, you receive 5 points, since you have to earn the 4-point hole.
  • Beware of the water... throwing a bag into the water adds a stroke to your score.

Best Ball

  • Throw your bags at any hole of your choosing.
  • The best hole you make your bag into is your score.

Scramble/Group Play

  • Team A plays Team B. Both teams have 2-4 players each. Each member gets 1 or 2 throws per shot, depending on number of players.
  • After all players have thrown their first shot, the next hole begins from the best made hole by the player on their team.
  • After all 4 throws have been made by all players on both teams, record each teams’ score for that hole.


pdf iconPrint the Sporthole Football & Golf scorecards (2 to a sheet, 8½" x 11", double-sided).